Velcro adorned items and their respective patches have taken the fashion and design industries by storm of late, with brands such as Nike incorporating these elements onto not only their garments, but even as far as their training shoe the Metcon 4 XD. This latest trend plays off and is inspired by tactical plate carrier vests used in functional fitness gyms and competitions, and other military apparel.

Due to popular demand and launching just in time for Christmas, we have brought to market our range of tactical velcro patches previously only reserved for NUTRITECH Athletes. The new NUTRITECH TACTICAL PATCHES are now available, making great additions and attaching easily to velcro equipped gym bags, lifting belts, tactical plate carrier vests, hats, Nike Metcon 4 XDs or other velcro equipped products.

So go on, check out the TACTICAL PATCH range, grab a few, add them to your favorite gym bag or tactical vest and stand out from the rest on the floor!