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Product launch by Chris Walton   |   Instagram: @thechriswalton RACK ‘N STACK When the time came for us to redesign our widely popular athletic fitting NT TEE, it was never going to be an easy task. After conferring with our Athletes, Ambassadors and some of the Brand Loyalists about what they would imagine the ultimate NUTRITECH […]


Velcro adorned items and their respective patches have taken the fashion and design industries by storm of late, with brands such as Nike incorporating these elements onto not only their garments, but even as far as their training shoe the Metcon 4 XD. This latest trend plays off and is inspired by tactical plate carrier […]

COMING SOON: The all new Punished tank

STARS NEED THE DARKNESS TO SHINE. UNLEASH YOUR FITNESS. PUNISH THE DARKNESS. ONE REP… TWO REP… RECOVERY ON A DIME. Introducing the all new URBAN METCON™ NUTRITECH Punished Tank. URBAN METCON. ENGINEERED TO SERVE THE GRIND. Lightweight FitTech™ Flex Fabric is engineered for optimal freedom of functional movement, moving with your body for supreme comfort […]

FitTech: Restriction Free Construction

Introducing the all new functional construction URBAN METCON™ clothing range. This premium quality URBAN METCON™ clothing is engineered to offer supreme comfort with a tailored stretch fit, an essential piece of fitness lifestyle kit all-year-round. Constructed from lightweight FitTech™ flex fabric, featuring moisture wicking technology for supreme fitness comfort and increased functional movement; ideal for […]

Sweat Equity: Moisture activated print technology

URBAN METCON™ SWEAT EQUITY™ Your fitness is never owned. Your fitness is rented. Your rent is paid in sweat equity, and it is due every damn day! So ACCEPT the challenge, INSPIRE others and earn RESPECT. URBAN METCON™ SWEAT EQUITY™ Moisture Activated Print Technology is engineered to only reveal the design once your dues have […]