Product launch by Chris Walton   |   Instagram: @thechriswalton


When the time came for us to redesign our widely popular athletic fitting NT TEE, it was never going to be an easy task. After conferring with our Athletes, Ambassadors and some of the Brand Loyalists about what they would imagine the ultimate NUTRITECH tee to be, we came to a decision. The new design was to be bold, unapologetic and unmistakably NUTRITECH which meant only one thing, rack it and stack it!


For 2020 we have decided to go for a toned down and muted fabric color palette and complimented the garments with bold prints. The men’s black melange and the ladies black tees top the range and are the spiritual successors to the original NUTRITECH tees. In the men’s tees we have also chosen an olive melange and then new to our lineup, a crisp white.


The NUTRITECH “Stack” is one of the Brand’s newer logo iterations and is designed to capture the modern sport aesthetic of today’s generation. The “stencil” variation of the NUTRITECH Stack is a hat tip to the military influences in the powerlifting and CrossFit communities. These logos can be seen painted to the walls of numerous CrossFit and functional fitness facilities who have chosen to partner with the Brand. An N icon adorns the sleeve and a simple INFAMOUS BARBELL CLUB seam print finishes the garment off. The bold simplicity of these designs is perfect for this season’s NUTRITECH tees and something that showcases a clean and strong look on the wearer.


When looking at what fabrics to consider we felt that it was important for this garment to be something that was highly versatile, something the wearer would train in but also felt equally comfortable spending a relaxed day or night out in. After much debate, we eventually decided to take the t-shirt back to its roots and settled on a 100% combed cotton fabric. The garment itself is constructed in Mauritius, which is known for it’s exceptional quality cotton and construction.