The Fittest in Cape Town’s annual contest blew the roof off the box in 2016.

On the weekend of the 6th-7th of February 2016 the top individual men, women and teams gathered in the Mother City’s Camps Bay with a vengeance to compete in the annual Fittest in Cape Town competition. FiCT is a test of functional fitness to crown the fittest males, females and teams in the country. This annual competition aims to provide an opportunity to measure the physical capacity of the competitors and also acts as a promotional health and fitness event that highlights what can be done to achieve a higher fitness level.

Day 1 of the FiCT kicked off bright and early on Saturday morning on Clifton 4thBeach.. The athletes were taken by surprise that they would in fact be doing an open water ocean swim in the chilly Atlantic for the first workout, which turned out to be the coolest event we’ve seen to date. As the day went on the sun came out and beat down at 35 degrees while the athletes stuck to the grind seemingly unaffected by the heat. Ruan Duvenage, defending champion of FiCT 2015 finished off event 2, ‘The Bear Complex’ with a massive 150kg push press showing no mercy to any bear on that mountain. NUTRITECH Athletes Jason Smith and Dina Swift took a commanding lead for the Individuals after day 1.


Day 2 of FiCT took us all by surprise starting off the day trying to compete against a 50km/h southeaster wind, locally referred to as the “Cape Doctor”, which forced the organisers to revert to plan B for Day 2. Plan B had to be re-correlated from the initial plan where an indoor space was imperative. Therefore, the planned events had to be adjusted in a limited amount of time in order to get the ball rolling for the day. Chris Oman and his team did this at a blue streak pace and before we knew it, day 2 was well on its way. The organised chaos very quickly became a box of roaring excitement and team spirit that put a positive light throughout day 2 of the competition.

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The final stages of the contest grew exceedingly thrilling with tight competition in all three athlete categories. The women’s individual division final event was a neck on neck competition between Johanni Taljaard and Nicole Seymour with Johanni deservedly taking the win and edging out Dina Swift for the overall women’s title. For the men’s individual division Jason Smith and Dave Levey of NUTRITECH matched each other rep for rep throughout the final event with Jason taking gold and raising the CrossFit Kylami flag up high, taking the overall men’s crown by a commanding 82 points!

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Fittest in Cape Town 2016 tested the abilities of the athletes in all aspects from strength to speed and co-ordination to agility. This resulted in an extremely well balanced event that acted as a true test of fitness, mind strength and character to all that competed.

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The final podium results are as follows:

Women’s Individuals

Johanni Taljaard – 843pts – CrossFit Eikestad
Dina Swift – 836pts – CrossFit Pretoria
Lara Erlank – 832pts – Cape CrossFit

Men’s Individuals

Jason Smith – 906pts – CrossFit Kylami
Ruan Duvenage – 824pts – CrossFit Brackengate
Dave Levey – 792pts – CrossFit Algoa


CCF Wolf-Badgers – 866pts – Cape CrossFit Gardens
Kylami Army – 847pts – CrossFit Kylami
The ProFormers – 821pts – CrossFit ProForm
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